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Winnipeg Dental Implants Improve the Quality of Your Life

Effects of dental implants on quality of life

As measured using the Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP), researchers found that with the provision of two implant-supported mandibular overdentures instead of a conventional mandibular denture, oral-health-related quality of life improved by approximately 33%.

Beyond the functional advantages, people with implant bridges reported:

• increased self-confidence
• increased social activities

Improved Quality of Life

• Improved chewing function – 90% compared to 10% with a traditional denture

• Improved health – proper nutrient intake (meat & vegetables)

• Improved esthetics

• Improved phonetics

• Improved sense of taste – no denture palate

• Reduces and or stops pain & discomfort associated with traditional dentures

• Reduced prosthesis maintenance compared to traditional dentures – no need for relines (time and $), cleaners, adhesives

• Maintained facial structure – prevents bone loss which leads to the appearance of premature aging

• Enhanced self-esteem – resulting in enhanced social life, patients no longer avoid social settings and intimate companionship. Loose, painful or poorly fitting traditional dentures can cause a negative impact on one’s social life, avoiding situations that could result in embarrassment.

Nutritional Effects of Tooth Loss

There is emerging evidence that those who receive mandibular overdentures modify their diets…There is also preliminary evidence that this improves their nutritional state.

The elderly edentulous avoid many types of foods, particularly raw vegetables and other hard and tough foods, because they cannot chew these with conventional dentures.

As a result, such individuals consume significantly less protein and other key nutrients – including fiber, calcium, iron, and some vitamins – than do individuals with teeth.

Studies have indicated that following implant treatment, patients’ overall nutritional state improved significantly, including serum albumin concentration, serum B12 concentration and distribution of adipose tissue.  Studies have also revealed that implant related solutions for edentulism have a more positive impact on leisure and sexual activities than do conventional dentures.

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