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The Cost of Dental Implants in Winnipeg

Dental implants are as individual and unique to each person as they're needs are.

With each patient there are specific needs, wishes and unique dental implant requirements.

  • What is your dental health history?
  • What would you like to fix or change?
  • If you have dentures are they full dentures or partials?
  • What is the health of your jaw bone where the dental implant(s) will be placed?

At the Cholakis Dental Implant Centre we fully assess your dental and lifestyle needs and match those with the best possible options for your unique situation. 

Going through the consultation process, from CT scans to in-chair review, there may be multiple options to consider - each with it's own requirements and costs.

That is why it's important to first come to the Cholakis Dental Implant Centre for our FREE consultation to determine if you're a good candidate for dental implants and to better assess your needs and the requirements.

It is hard to put a price on good health and peace of mind. Unfortunately It is one of those things that we don't understand how valuable it is until we no longer have it. 

Dental implants are a wonderful investment in your dental health and your life!

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